Internet Data Exchange

Internet Data Exchange (IDX)

This page contains information about Internet Data Exchange (IDX). IDX is a policy within the MLS Rules that allows brokers and agents to display active listings from the MLS on their office or personal web site.

There are basically three approaches to creating a website that has the capability to search for listings from the MLS (IDX is not the MLS, so it is important not to represent on your website that the visitor will be searching the MLS):

1) You may have a website or you may be building a website where you or your website developer need a link to include a listing search on the site. This is most common when you are creating your own website using a template.

This approach is known as a “framed solution.” A frame is simply a part of a webpage that “opens a window” to another website. There are two solutions available to ECAR members. See the section on Framed Solutions below.

2) You may be working with a company that creates IDX websites and the company is asking you for access to the ECAR IDX data feed. They may use the term “RETS” when referring to the feed.

ECAR already provides feeds to several of these companies and in many cases, all the vendor needs to do is confirm that you are someone who has rights to use the data we already provide them. If not, or if the vendor asks you for ECAR’s IDX forms, we would be happy to communicate directly with your vendor. You may either email us information about your vendor (email or you may have your vendor contact us directly. Email usually works better (email, but you may also have the vendor call the MLS office at 850-244-2411 and ask for Susan.

3) You may be creating a site that will have its own custom IDX search. This is most common when you have a web developer that is building your entire site to look and feel a specific way.

In this approach, the web developer may or may not be familiar with IDX. If he or she is, then the process may be as simple as having your broker email to request a data feed (have him or her include the name and contact information of the developer, your name and Agent ID (if this is not for a company web site), and the type of feed the developer prefers. For developers who are not familiar with IDX, it is better to have them call Susan (850-244-2411) to talk about how IDX works first. Regardless, access to a data feed is only available through a request from the broker.

Florida REALTORS® and flexmls both offer products to help brokers implement IDX. Florida REALTORS® uses member Florida Living Network pages as a starting point for their solutions. Florida REALTORS® solutions are free and the data displayed through Florida REALTORS® IDX is sent from LIST-IT daily. Setup Florida REALTORS® IDX through  Florida REALTORS® also offers lead tracking capability that makes your web site like a virtual office.  More information is available by clicking here (password required).

FAR IDX Info (PDF Format)

flexmls offers two options for IDX solutions. One option is a full paid service. The other is a free, very basic service. Both services are available through the ECAR MLS by going to the Preferences menu and choosing IDX Preferences.

flexmls IDX 2.0 Full (example)