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Auto Email Subscription

by Drew Wayner | Nov 20, 2015

We sent out info on this a few weeks ago, but there’s concern that some agents aren’t aware of this change yet. Due to a change in major email providers policy for spam, Flexmls developers have made some changes to the ways the MLS sends out automatic emails to your customers.

For almost two years now, we’ve seen one email provider after another start blocking emails as spam if they see a certain pattern. If they see a particular number of emails coming from a central address, and a set percentage of those get unread or clicked through, they assume the recipients are not expecting the emails and the sender must be sending spam. So they block the email from going through to the recipients Inbox.

This is causing two things to happen within the MLS. Some customers are not receiving their emails, and some agents are not getting their copy of the email going to their customers. The only available resolution is for each email recipient to contact their email provider to have the emails unblocked. Unfortunately neither Flexmls nor ECAR can contact your provider on your behalf. They will not provide information or take a report except from their own customer.

In an effort to help prevent this from continuing, Flexmls developers have made some changes to way that the automatic emails are handled.

Previously, when you set up a new contact with an automatic email event, the event would be good for 90 days, then expire unless you renewed it. As the agent, you would extend the event for another 90 days for each individual contacts.

Since the program change, the emails don’t automatically expire unless the recipient, your customer, fails to click at least one of the links in at least one of the emails for the past 90 days. So your customer needs to “opt in” to continue receiving the emails. It’s not required to click every link or click the link every day. As long as they click one of them within 90 days, their subscription will be renewed another 90 days.

The process is now in the hands of your contacts. They must choose to receive these emails. This means that the ones who ask for the info, but then never look at it, are going to have to look at it.

The new process is actually cleaner and easier for the majority of agents because the required action is something that their contacts are already doing. The exception is the contact who has such tight search criteria that they don’t receive an email for months or they travel extensively and don’t always have access to their email.

Flexmls developers are working on this to find a good solution. ECAR staff is testing some work-arounds to help in the meantime. Fingers crossed that these do what we anticipate. You’ll hear from us when the Eureka moment occurs.

For now, please be sure to check your existing contacts that have automatic emails. Some of them may have already expired because they haven’t looked at any of their emails recently. If so, you can send them an Opt-in request to get the subscription started again.

There is a detailed notice from Flexmls about this change. Click here to read that article.

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Susan Beck, MLS Director
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