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by Drew Wayner | Nov 20, 2015

Here at ECAR MLS support, we spend our days answering questions. What are the top five recent ones?

Q: How long do I have to leave my property off the market to make the Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM) start at zero?

A: In order for a new listing to have a zero CDOM, any previously expired, withdrawn, or canceled listing must be off the market in one status for more than 90 days. This applies whether the previous listing was entered by a different brokerage or the same. The correct process to follow is to allow the previous listing to be expired, withdrawn, or cancelled for more than 90 days (it must be in the same status the whole time.) Then you should re-entered the property as a new listing. Do NOT reactivate the old listing. That will only set you back even further.

Q: How do I access the Bay County MLS system?

A: Now that BCAR is also on the flexmls system, there is an extra step to accessing their MLS. You must do one of two things. Either log out of the ECAR MLS, then log into the other MLS with your BCAR ID. Or you can open a different browser then log into the BCAR MLS. So if you normally use Google Chrome as your browser and want to stay logged into the ECAR MLS, you would need to open Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer to access the other MLS. If you don’t do one of these two steps, your browser will not recognize that you’re trying to access a different website, and will take you right back to where you were.

Q: Does the primary photo on the listing have to also be the first photo or of the front of the house?

A: This is actually two questions, but we’ll answer both at the same time. No and no. When you view the Photo tab on a listing, the pictures will in whatever order the list agent selects. The primary photo, the one seen first when the listing is displayed, can be anywhere in the line-up. And the primary photo can be of anything. The MLS rules state that at least one photo on the listing must be of the property, but there are no rules regarding what the other photos can or must be. I do recommend labeling and describing each photo, so that if one of the pictures is of a nearby attraction, viewers will understand why it’s there.

Q: How do I change the order of the listings in my Search Results?

A: You can reorder the listings by checking the listings then click the Selected button to view only the checked listings. From the Selected list, you can drag and drop the listings into a different order. When you print or email the listings, they will then be in that particular order. Don’t forget to verify that the print or email setting is on “Selected Listings” rather than “Current Listing” or “All Listings” to make sure that you print or email the correct ones and in the right order. Also don’t forget to uncheck the selected listings to continue working with the remaining listings or before running the search again with different criteria.

Q: The selling agent for my listing is not an ECAR member, and the MLS doesn’t find their name or ID. What do I do?

A: The short answer is to use the ID e99999 (e plus five 9s). This is the code of any non-ECAR selling agent. You can then enter the actuall selling agent and office name in the Sale Notes field.

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