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Results VS Selected

by Drew Wayner | Nov 20, 2015

Q: How do I see all the results of my search or just see the ones that I’ve chosen?

I’m glad you asked that question. While the easy answer is to click the Results button or the Selected button, the better answer has more to it than that.

But let’s talk for a moment about the easy answer.

When you run a listing search, you will see two buttons in the top left corner of the results page. One says Results and will show all of the listings that match your criteria. The other says Selected and will only display the listings that you’re checked off.

To select a listing, just click the checkbox in the far left side of the list of properties. That will then place that listing in the Selected group. When you click the Selected button, you will see only those listings. You can also click the very top checkbox above the list of properties to choose all listings.

It’s then easy to switch back and forth from the selected results to all results by clicking the Results or Selected buttons.

When you’re ready to print or email the results, the system will give you a choice of using only the current listing (whichever one was highlighted at the time you clicked Print or Email), the selected listings (only available if you have checked at least one listing), or all results.

NOTE: this is an important note. Please read this carefully.

The system will hold the Selected group until you completely exit the search. After choosing your selected listings, if you decide to change the criteria of your search, you can click the Edit Search tab, and do that. You can change just one or two things, or change everything to do a completely new search.

However, when you do this, the system remembers that you had those selected listings. Any additional listings selected will be added to the ones already selected. That can cause some confusing emails or printed reports, especially if you started a new search.

To remedy this, do one of two things. Either uncheck everything in the Selected group before starting the next search. Or instead of starting a new search by clicking Edit Search, go back to the Search menu and choose Quick Search. That will clear all previous criteria and results, and give you a fresh start.

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