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Tip of the Week – Pointers on Contacts

by Susan Beck | Feb 18, 2016

Tip of the Week – Pointers on Contacts

Do you use the Contacts system in the MLS? If so, you know that there are a lot of ins and outs of the feature and there are many different ways to configure the system. Is there one “best” way? Are there shortcuts that could make it easier?

First answer is No. There’s not one way to set up a contact that’s better than another. It all depends on how you can best work with that particular person.

But there are some shortcuts that may help you determine what will do the job.

  • Change the order of your contacts. Under Contact Management, click the Advanced tab(top right corner) and go to Customize Contact List. From there you can toggle the setting from Display Name to Last Name-First Name to First Name-Last Name. You can also choose the columns of information you see for each contact on the Contact Management list.


  • Use the Portal instead of, or in addition to, the automatic email subscription. The portal allows your contacts to go to a website with their own login information and view all of the results for any search you’ve saved for them. If you’re having trouble getting the emails to be delivered to them due to spam filters or blockers, this may be a good alternative for both of you.


  • ASAP setting for automatic email. A recent upgrade to the Subscription process is the ability to set the emails to ASAP. This means that rather than running the search once a day, the system will continually monitor the search results and email new matches within minutes of the listing changes. This also means that your contact, and possibly you, could get emails numerous times a day, depending on their saved search criteria.


  • Opt-In Status – There is a new option on the Contacts menu called Opt In Status. This will give you a list of your contacts based on their subscription status. Each tab also includes a tip related to that particular status.

I hope these help you navigate through the Contact and subscription process. Please keep in mind that there are several video tutorials and webinars available if you would like quick help using the Contacts system. Just click the Help menu icon and choose Video Tutorials. We also offer an Advanced MLS class on the Contacts system every few months.

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