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Tip of the Week – New Map Overlays for Main Area and Subareas

by Susan Beck | Mar 02, 2016

 After extensive work for over a year, we now have map overlays that show the MLS areas and subareas. How do you get to them? I’m glad you asked.

Run any listing search. MLS number, a saved search, a listing collection, the My Listings option on the Search menu or the dashboard gadget. The goal is to bring up at least one listing, preferably more than one.

 Once you have the list of properties, go the Map tab. On the right side of the map is a drop down list for Overlays. Open this list and click MLS Areas.

 Then zoom out. Keep going until you can see the entire ECAR area. You’ll see different shaded shapes that outline the main areas. As you zoom into one of the main areas, you’ll see lines within the shaded shape that show the subareas along with the subarea code, such as 13-01 or 15-03.

 There are a few tweaks that are coming in regards to the new overlay so you will see some changes soon. A couple of the subareas are mislabeled, and the shading for some of the areas is too dark to adequately see the subarea lines. But those will be corrected.

 If you love the MLS Areas overlay, please send an email to, and tell her. If you don’t love them, keep it to yourself. She worked really hard for over a year, in addition to her other tasks, to create these.

 In case you don’t know the process for creating an overlay like this, she used our older printed wall maps, and created point by point lines on the online map to outline each subarea. Since each one can only contain 300 points (!), some of the subareas, especially in the north county areas, had to be done in pieces and then put together.

 This was a massive task done very well.

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Susan Beck, MLS Director
Emerald Coast Association of Realtors
Fort Walton Beach, FL