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Tip of the Week – Lockboxes and Time Change

by Susan Beck | Mar 22, 2016
 A few weeks ago, we switched from Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time. Does this impact when you can open the Supra lockboxes? Yes. How? Read on. 

The Supra lockboxes come to ECAR preset to open during standard hours, 8am to 7pm. When you purchase a lockbox, you can choose to leave that setting on, or turn it off. If you have the eKey service through your phone, you can change the hours to more specific times and even select certain hours for week days or weekends.

How does the time change affect this?

Nothing actually changes with the lockboxes. It’s only our perception of the time that changes. So when we switched to Daylight Savings time, 8am to 7pm became 9am to 8pm.

The same thing applies to your own custom settings you’ve done with the eKey service through your phone. If you changed a lockbox to open between 5pm and 8pm Monday through Friday, we now perceive that time as 6pm to 9pm. So if you have programmed different hours into your lockboxes, and you really need those specific hours, you will go back to that lockbox and reprogram the access hours.

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Susan Beck, MLS Director
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