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Tip of the Week: YouTube or Vimeo videos in the MLS?

by Susan Beck | Mar 30, 2016
 Can you link to YouTube or Vimeo videos on your listing in the MLS. The short, not so sweet answer is NO.

 The main reason you cannot use YouTube videos in the MLS is because all videos played through YouTube include contributor information. They also lead to other videos by the same contributor, which leads to more info. The contributor information that YouTube always includes is considered a violation of the ECAR MLS rules, section 4.4 Contact Information in the MLS. This is the rule that carries an automatic $100 fine.

 So just say No.

 We have seen several videos linked to Vimeo on listings, and other videos on YouTube that will automatically continue playing the next video in line based on the search criteria or channel that the video is in. This means that the beautiful home video you linked your listing to will start playing a video for someone’s wedding or home-produced rock video. Not a great thing when the listing is sent out to or other third party sites.

 Even if your particular YouTube or Vimeo does not include contributor information or automatically start playing an unrelated video, we can’t allow some to use it and others not. We’re all in or all out.

 What we do recommend is something like Dropbox or Google Docs. Or you may have a virtual tour company that is hosting the video. Their site works well because most of the virtual tour companies are aware of the MLS rules for videos and will host it on a neutral site.

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