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Tip of the Week – Searching Pointers

by Susan Beck | Apr 26, 2016
 The last Tip of the Week gave a few helpful pointers for adding new listings. This week, I’ll share some hints on searching that I hope will also be helpful.

 Quick Launch – This is one of my favorite time savers in flexmls. The Quick Launch bar is located at the top of the webpage, next to the flexmls logo, and is visible no matter where you are in the MLS. This is the best place to find a listing by street address or MLS, find a contact, saved search, or agent/office contact info. Just type what you need into the field, wait for a second, and you’ll see a list of matches appear below. WARNING: this search will only find the top five matches per topic (name, listing, contact, etc) so it doesn’t work to find all listings in a subdivision or development.

 MLS/Address/Overlay field – This is my least favorite function in flexmls. It’s very limited and almost always generates more questions than it answers. My recommendation is to not use it. There are faster ways to get the few things it will find.

 Or, Not, And – When you search using one of the feature lists, like Interior, Exterior, or Appliances, you’ll see the underlined word “Or” next to the feature name. Using this link, you can toggle between three logic options or “Or”, “Not”, or “And”. By choosing “Or”, you can select multiple options and as long as the listings have one of them, it will match your criteria. If you choose “And”, the listing must contain that feature. “Not” will eliminate any listing with that feature from your results.

 Price – Please note that the price fields will automatically complete the price with three zeros for you. So if you enter 350 as the minimum or maximum value, the system will set the price to 350,000.

 Save a custom template – Are you tired of having to add the same fields to your search criteria every time you run a search? If so, you may want to create and save a custom Quick Search template. The shortcut “how to” on this is to add the fields you want, remove the fields you don’t want, then click Save, and choose Save Quick Search Template. Give your new Quick Search a unique name, and click Save. That new template will now be on your list of available Quick Searches. (HINT: the name you assign will determine the order of the list. Numbers come first, then letters.)

 Delete an old custom template – Do you have too many custom templates that you no longer use? You can remove unneeded ones by going to the Preference menu, and choosing My Quick Searches. Click the name of the unwanted template, and click the Remove button below the list.

 Wildcard – Do you need to search for everything in Silver Shells, or need a better way to search for Inn at Henderson Beach? Use a wildcard to allow for variables before or after the name you want. For example, if you want everything in Silver Shells, enter *Silver Shells in the Subdivision/Project Name field. Or

 Do you have other pointers that you’re willing to share? Email those to me and I’ll send them out in a future Tip.

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