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Tip of the Week – Reverse Prospecting Facts and Myths

by Susan Beck | Jun 02, 2016
 There seems to be some confusion about the MLS feature Reverse Prospecting. In this Tip, we’ll talk about some of them and see if we can clear up the misunderstanding and frustrations. 

Let’s start with the most common myths.

 Myth 1: These emails are spam. 
           Answer: No, they are not spam under the current spam legislation guidelines (please remember I’m not an attorney). There is a pre-existing relationship between the buyer’s agent and the list agent through MLS participation. So NOT spam.

 Myth 2: By requesting to be removed, the contact’s agent must stop sending these emails to me.
            Answer: No, there is no MLS rule that requires that action. Most will do it out of politeness, but they are not required to.

 Myth 3: Because I believe the emails to be spam, it’s okay to be rude or harsh when I respond to the sending agent.
            Answer: No. It’s never okay to less than polite to another agent. You never know when you’ll need to work on a transaction with that same person in the future. Also see Answer 1. 

Now for some facts about Reverse Prospecting.

 Fact 1: You can turn off the Reverse Prospect for particular contacts if you don’t want to receive the emails. Open and edit the Contact record and uncheck the box for Reverse Prospecting. That contact record will not be used for the Reverse Prospecting function. Do it once per contact and you will no longer receive Reverse Prospecting notices from any ECAR MLS agent.

 Fact 2: Asking an agent to remove your name from their list means every time they send an email using the Reverse Prospecting feature, they have to uncheck every name that has requested to be removed. This is not an efficient use of anyone’s time.

 Fact 3: If you don’t want to go into each and every one of your contacts and remove the Reverse Prospecting option, you can just delete the email when it comes in. Or if your email program has a Rules option, set up a rule to move these emails to a subfolder so that you can review them at your leisure.

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