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Tip of the Week – You Spelled That How?

by Susan Beck | Aug 02, 2016

Tip of the Week – You Spelled That How?

 This Wednesday, August 3, is Cram the Van Day here at the Fort Walton Beach ECAR office. Lunch is provided, catered by Lenny’s Subshop of Destin. So come on by and load up the van with pencils, pens, copy and notebook paper, along with any other school supplies you can offer. But what does this have to do with the MLS?

 Let’s connect these two seemingly unrelated issues through an underused and possibly former school topic, spelling and grammar. I say former topic because based on what I see online, it doesn’t seem to be of a lot of importance any more. To some people.

 Flexmls listings contain several large text fields in which you can enter whatever comments you want, within the MLS rules. While the MLS system doesn’t include a spell check function, your internet browser does. You’ll see the universal symbol for misspelling (red squiggly underline) when your browser detects a word that could be misspelled. Click the word to see what options are available.

 While spelling in texts, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media isn’t consider super important to some, it can have a strong impact in other places. A listing is one place where it’s not a great idea to have obvious typos, misspellings, or grammar goofs. You never know what may make a potential buyer turn away.

 One of my biggest pet peeves, spelling being first, is the improper use of grammar, like to/too, their/they’re/there, or your/you’re. For those smarty pants who want to respond with a sentence demonstrating the improper use of these, just don’t. I’ll remember you if you do.

 You can type your Remarks, Supplement, Agent Notes, Directions, etc, in a word processor that has both a spell checker and a grammar checker, then copy the text into the MLS. Not that those checkers are 100%, but they’re pretty good. And yes, that’s the proper use of the contraction for “they are”.

 Okay, did you find any spelling or grammar mistakes in this Tip? If so, let it go, this is a blog, I can do what I want. The MLS, however, has rules. Luckily for some, incorrect spelling or grammer is not one of them.

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