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Tip of the Week – Messages Gadget

by Susan Beck | Oct 28, 2016

Tip of the Week – Messages Gadget

 Flexmls includes a messaging system that can be used to send information through the MLS to other agents, to contacts, or from ECAR to all members. What if you see the message then lose it? Can you get it back? Short answer, Yes.

 There are actually two ways you can see previous messages. The easiest way is to simply go to the Daily Functions menu, and click My Messages. You’ll see a list of any messages that have been sent to you through the MLS regardless of what part of the system was used.

 The other way requires a little bit of setup, but may be easier in the long run to find previous messages. That method uses the Messages gadget that you can add to your opening Dashboard.

 As some of you know, you can customize the opening screen (Dashboard) of flexmls to show a multitude of different information. You can also create custom Dashboards to keep the information organized while leaving your default Dashboard always showing the information or shortcuts that you want the most.

 To add the Messages gadget to your Dashboard, open the Customize menu (top right corner of the opening page), then choose Add Gadgets. You’ll see a list of topics on the left side. Click the Contacts topic to open the available gadgets. Under Messages, click the Add Gadget button. After a few seconds, you’ll see the screen adjust to show that the Gadget has been added.

 When you return to the Dashboard, the Messages tab will be at the bottom left side of the screen. You can then click on the gadget header bar and drag it to a different position on the screen if you want. Once there, you’ll always have easy access to view any messages that have been sent to you.

 While you’re looking at the Customize functions, check out what else you can do. Such as change the number of columns for the gadgets, create custom gadgets, plus more.

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