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Dec 23, 2015
I’d love to pull off a Dennis Miller worthy rant. If you don’t know what I mean, go to and search for Dennis Miller rant and watch a few. He gets going. But I’m not that good. Hold out through the rant, and I will include a quick MLS tip.

I’m heading out of town tomorrow to see my grandbaby (pictures available upon request or you pause for a second in our lobby) for Christmas and I would like for those who will be sharing the road with me to allow me to get there safely. So I’d like to remind everyone of a particular traffic rule that seems to be unknown to many people.

I see this so regularly that I’m starting to wonder if I’m mistaken about it. So if I am, please let me know.

Whether you’re making a right-hand turn, or a left-hand turn, you’re supposed to go into the closest lane. Not the far lane that you want to end up in, but the closest lane. Then change lanes if you need. If you don’t do this, you’re interfering with traffic also trying to turn onto this road.

I take Racetrack Rd to Beal Pkwy every weekday morning. There are two lanes of traffic coming from Racetrack to turn left onto Beal. Almost every day I see someone turn right onto Beal and go into the far lane. If they do this at the same time someone is trying to turn left and go into the far lane, oops, now there’s an accident.

In case someone thinks that this is just Fort Walton Beach, no, I see it just about everywhere I go. I’ve seen some close calls. And I’ve seen people trying to make a left or right turn who waited for someone coming from the other directions. I tend to do the same thing. Better safe than sorry. I value my car more than I value the ability to go when I should be able to go.

So please, when you’re making that turn, go into the closest lane. Then turn on your blinker, you know, that stick on one side of the steering wheel that makes a light go on and off for a little while, then change lanes. It works great and keeps everyone safe.

Now for the MLS tip. The Open House comments field is public, and as such is subject to the same MLS rule section 4.4 as other public fields like Remarks, Directions, Photos, and Documents. When you add an open house, and enter the comments, do NOT include your name or phone number, or the name or phone number of the person sitting at the open house. Doing this could get you an automatic fine of $100 if it’s reported to ECAR.

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Susan Beck, MLS Director
Emerald Coast Association of Realtors®
Fort Walton Beach, FL