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Tip of the Week - Flexmls Forum: Announcements

Feb 08, 2016
Would you like to see advanced notice of changes coming to the Flexmls system? Get a heads-up before things change? For example, there are two changes coming up next week for the Map Overlays, and the Saturation Analysis report (you’ll want to see this one!).
Add the gadget for “Announcements” to your custom dashboard. 

I’ve talked in previous Tips and in advanced MLS classes about how to customize the opening home page you see in the MLS, otherwise called the Dashboard. You can create multiple Dashboards that focus on all kinds of different topics. If you don’t want or need to go that far, you might find it helpful to add just one or two extra gadgets to make it easier to access a particular feature or get news.

 Let’s back up just a minute and talk about what a gadget is. Basically the different windows on the opening MLS page are gadgets. You can add these by going to the Customize button in the top right corner of your Dashboard, and click Add Gadgets.

 HINT: If you don’t get the Add Gadgets option when you open the Customize menu, go to the Dashboard tab (far left side of the screen) and choose anything other than MLS. The MLS dashboard is locked and cannot be changed.

 When you get into the Add Gadget page, you’ll see a list of topics on the left side. To find the one of Announcements, for example, click Forums. You’ll then get a list of the different gadgets available for various forums. Just click the Add Gadget button to add it to your dashboard.

 All new gadgets are added to the bottom left side of your Dashboard. If you want to move it, just put your cursor in the top banner bar of the window. When the cursor turns into a four-way arrow, click and hold the bar, then drag it to wherever you want it. You’ll see a dotted line appear in the background to show where it will be when you release the gadget.

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