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Tip of the Week: New Listing Pointers

Apr 12, 2016
Once a month we offer an MLS class that specifically covers adding and editing listings. While giving that class, I’ve picked up on a few questions that are asked fairly routinely, and some other pointers that you may find helpful as you’re entering your new listings.
  • Expiration Date: you cannot enter N/A as your expiration date. There has to be an actual “end of the listing agreement” date on the listing. Why do you see that on other listings? Because the system automatically hides the expiration date from anyone who is not authorized to see it. That’s why you see your own date, but not anyone else’s.
  • List Date: The current definition of List Date is the date that the listing is activated in the MLS. So if you enter the listing knowing that you will be holding it as an incomplete listing until a future date, do NOT enter the List Date until you’re ready to activate the listing. Youcan save an incomplete listing without a List Date.
  • If you use the Populate Tax Data button after completing the rest of the listing, make sure to go back through the listing information to make sure the tax data did not replace anything you entered.
  • If you use the Populate Tax Data button on a condo, the tax information will put the word “unit” into the Unit # field. If you leave the word in the field, the listing will show as Unit # Unit 123. Looks kind of funny.
  • Does your listing ask for someone to text a number for showing instructions? Please make sure that the number provided is a mobile number that can accept text messages. We’ve received complaints that some listings include land lines phone numbers that cannot receive texts.
  • Do you have a listing agreement but cannot enter the listing into the MLS yet? The ECAR MLS rules require the property to be either listed into the MLS, or registered as a non-MLS listing. We have a form for that.

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Susan Beck, MLS Director
Emerald Coast Association of Realtors®
Fort Walton Beach, FL