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Tip of the Week: ListHub Updates

Jun 09, 2016
Have you ever wondered where your listings are sent when you put them in the MLS? I know we get asked on a regular basis for a list of all of the sites that the listings are going to. And the answer is always, “There are too many to list.”

For many years now, ECAR has been contracted with to syndicate listings. What does this mean? Basically, we send the listing information to them, and ListHub then distributes the information to their partners.

 Originally everyone was opted into this process and 6 specific websites were chosen to automatically receive the listings. Early last year, this process was changed to require each broker to choose which websites they wanted their brokerage listings to be sent.

 ListHub has over 170 companies with over 900 websites to choose from. Some brokers selected specific sites based on statistics, hit counts, and traffic reports. Other brokers chose all sites to gain as much exposure as possible.

 Either way, when the broker set up their ListHub account, they could also sign up to receive notifications when new publishers were added to the ListHub family. If a broker signed up for all sites, that broker may have also chosen to also get all new sites as well.

 As the list agent, you might also want to know how the different sites that ListHub sends your listings to are doing. What’s your hit count on those sites and how much traffic do they get?

 You can also set up an account on ListHub and pull these numbers to provide to your seller. Keep in mind that ListHub is a business that wants to sell you additional services, so you may see some reports and additional info that would require payments. As an ECAR member, you receive for free the basic reports. Anything beyond that would cost extra. But that’s up to you.

 To check this out, go to and log in, or if you haven’t registered previously, create your account and see what they have to offer.

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Susan Beck, MLS Director
Emerald Coast Association of Realtors® 
Fort Walton Beach and Santa Rosa Beach