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Tip of the Week: How to add an Open House or MLS Tour to your listing

Jun 30, 2016
With one of the 2016 ECAR themes being Realtor Safety, please allow me to preface this Tip with a reminder. When you hold an Open House, please think Safety First. Never be in the property alone. Always have an emergency plan to leave the premises or call someone who will answer immediately. And never park your car in the driveway where you could be blocked in...

There are a lot of other Open House safety tips available on or

 That being said, how do you register your listing in the MLS for an Open House or MLS Tour?

 As with many other functions in the MLS, there's more than one way to do this. I’ll show you today the easiest way. I like easy.

 Go to the Search menu, and choose My Listings. Find the listing you need, and click the small down arrow next to the MLS number on the far left column. This will open a menu that will include an option “Edit Listing.” Click that option.

 You will now be on the Change Listing page for that property. In the bottom right quadrant, under Scheduling Marketing Activities, you’ll see Open House, and Tour of Homes, what we call MLS Tours. Click the one you need.

 The first thing the system does is search for an existing Open House or Tour scheduled within the next two weeks. Note the date range at the top of display. If your time frame is outside that two week window, change the ending date to one past your event and click Go. This step double checks to see if you or someone for you has already set up the event. If they have, you will see the entry below the dates.

 If you don’t see an entry for the date you want, click Add to create a new one. Enter the date, start and end times, and any comments* you wish to share. Click Next to save the information.

 * Note: Comments added to Open House are PUBLIC. This means they get transmitted with listing emails if the open house info is included. Do not enter contact information in this field unless you want an MLS rules violation fine (see section 4.4 of the ECAR MLS rules.)

 That’s it. I recommend this path because you go into the Open House or Tour of Homes function with the listing already identified. You can also go to the Daily Functions menu, and choose Tour/Open House. That works also, but the steps are in a different order.

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Susan Beck, MLS Director
Emerald Coast Association of Realtors
Fort Walton Beach, FL
Santa Rosa Beach, FL