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Tip of the Week: A picture is worth a thousand words. Or is it?

Sep 20, 2016
Is a picture still worth a thousand words these days? I’d say yes, maybe even more. Especially when it comes to listing photos, a good picture could be worth a sale. A bad picture could cost even more.

I cannot even begin to tell you of the horrible, horrible photos I have personally seen in our own MLS system.  Not just blurry or off center photos, but images of homes being sold “as is” and beyond. Think the TV show “Hoarders,” only worse.

 There is a legitimate website called Check it out some time. It gives other examples of bad photos taken right out of various MLS. But I’d like the think that a couple of the listings in our system top them all.

 I won’t judge anyone on the reasons these photos would be used. Some agents would say that their assistants took the photos and didn’t realize that they weren’t good, or that the photos were provided by the seller and the agent didn’t look through them.

 The photos on the listings are distributed to hundreds if not thousands of websites, and represent not only the property, but the owner, the agent and the agent’s brokerage. Bad photos call into question the judgement of the photographer and agent who publish them.

 Think carefully about the photos that you put on the MLS. Do they best represent the property? Or are you going for harsh reality?

 Not that this should be a last consideration, but also think of your fellow agents who are emailing listings through the Contacts subscription in the MLS, and that their customers are seeing these photos as well.

 Our best recommendation is to always use a professional photographer. If that can’t be done, think of the property like it was your own home. How would you like your home be pictured to the public?

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Susan Beck, MLS Director
Emerald Coast Association of Realtors
Fort Walton Beach, FL
Santa Rosa Beach, FL