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Tip of the Week – New Portal or Classic Portal?

Oct 14, 2016
In last week’s Tip, I mentioned that if you’re having trouble with your Contacts receiving the automatic email, you might want try using the Portal instead. So let’s talk about recent and upcoming enhancements to the Portal.

Be sure to read the whole article because there is a warning label at the bottom.

 First things first. What is the Portal?

 Basically, the Portal is a website. Plain and simple. But it’s a website you set up under your name, and then give your customers access to it one at a time.

 In a recent change to the Portal, the login process for your customers was altered. They will now log in with their email address and their chosen password. They will then have the ability to see links for the results of their saved searches, Saved listings (ones that they favorited), Rejected listings (ones they disliked) and a News Feed that includes current listings and previous matches as well.

 So now that we know what the Portal is, what’s the difference between the new Portal and theclassic Portal?

 You’ll first see the difference when you go to Portal Preferences on the Preferences menu in the MLS. Not only has the Portal been updated, the Preferences page has also been changed. But you have a choice. You can stay with the classic Portal or switch to the new Portal. If you decide you don’t like the new Portal, you can switch it back.

 Because the changes are numerous, I can’t cover them all in this post. So I recommend watching one of two videos that go over the differences. One is a short FAQ style video, and the other one is longer video with more details. Both are available through the Flexmls help. Click the help menu, choose Video Tutorials, and then click the link at the top “Webinar Library.” There are several videos related to the new Portal.

 Warning Label: Before I let this topic go, I want to mention one thing that you need to be aware of. When you choose the new Portal, it will impact your options when printing or emailing listings. Because the Portal listing display is more standardized, some of the choices available under the classic Portal were removed. For example, the new Portal settings do not allow you to choose the starting position. Also, all parts of the listing are available automatically, except Open House and Documents. You have to specifically choose to include those. The same new Portal settings are applied to listing printed or emailed as Public.

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