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Tip of the Week – Upcoming MLS Changes

Nov 10, 2016
Three changes are coming soon to the flexmls system. Map Overlays - Flexmls Mobile Web: View Listing History - New Member Lookup Interface on Add/Change

  •  Map Overlays

On November 10, you will be able to display multiple, MLS-provided map overlays at the same time. 

When editing a Map Search or on the Map tab, open the Overlays menu and click to select each MLS overlay you would like to display. As shown in the example below, each overlay you select will have a check mark next to it and multiple overlays can display simultaneously. If you want to stop displaying an overlay on the map, open the Overlays menu and click to uncheck the overlay. 
Please Note: The ability to choose multiple overlays only applies to MLS overlays; overlays in the My Map Overlays section are still limited to displaying one overlay at a time.

  •  Flexmls Mobile Web: View Listing History

On November 16, agents will be able to see listing history in Flexmls Mobile Web. The history feature is also coming to Flexmls Pro for iPhone and Android in the near future. 

When viewing a listing's details, tap History to view a summary of listing history that displays Price History at the top of the screen followed by Property History. Tap an event in Property History to drill down and see more information. 

  • New Member Lookup Interface on Add/Change

On November 21, there will be a new interface for selecting Listing and Selling members when adding and changing listings.  

Click the lookup box and start typing the name of the member you would like to add. Click the member's name to select them. The new member lookup interface will show on the Add Listing screen. Additionally, the new member lookup box will appear when selecting members on the Edit Listing/Selling Members screen, on Status Change screens, and when Transferring listings. 

 All of these changes are system wide changes and were not specifically requested by ECAR staff or MLS committee. 

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Susan Beck, MLS Director
Emerald Coast Association of Realtors
Fort Walton Beach, FL
Santa Rosa Beach, FL