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Tip of the Week: Updating website Profiles

Nov 17, 2016
Wouldn’t it be great if you enter your information in place and have it perfectly transmit everywhere it needs to go? Utopia! But not reality.

As much as one-stop-shopping for updating your profile on all the various webpages where you have your contact information would be great, it’s not an option. So that means your email address, cell phone number or other important contact information changes, you have to manually go to each site and make the change. Or have old info out on the internet causing confusion.

I’m mostly concerned right now with the two profiles available through ECAR, which is our member services portal, and MLS.

Both sides have completely different profile options and each should be updated separately. Some information carries over automatically from our member services portal to the MLS. But nothing transfers from the MLS profile back to the member services site.

One particular field you want to watch is email address. Our member services portal has three email address fields, one for membership, one for billing, and one for MLS. However the MLS email address doesn’t always transmit correctly. So it’s a good idea to double check it in the MLS.

To access your profile in the MLS, go to the Preferences menu and click My Profile.

To update your profile in the ECAR member services portal, go to, and click the Login button in the top right corner of the screen. Enter your username and password. If you haven’t logged in recently, you’ll straight to your profile. Otherwise, click the “Update Your Member Profile” link in the box containing your personal information.

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Susan Beck, MLS Director
Emerald Coast Association of Realtors®
Fort Walton Beach, FL
Santa Rosa Beach, FL