Fort Walton Beach MLS Tour - Main Area 12

Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m. held at ECAR (Kathy Sublett Education Building – next door to main building).

Contact Tour Coordinators Joe Capelotti ((850) 217-8060) or Kevin Krueger ((850) 585-7563) for more information.

Tour sponsors – Tours are offered once per week. To find out more about sponsoring a tour, please contact the tour coordinators.

1. Requirements for house on tour:
a.  Limit of 15 homes per tour, chosen by date of entry into computer.
b.  Properties may be entered into computer after noon Tuesday of the week before the tour.  Example – For an entry for date of tenth of the month, it can be entered after noon on Tuesday, the second.
c.  Entries should be in the computer by Monday for tour director to pull them Tuesday.
d.  There is no need to fax the listing to the tour director.

2. Property will be allowed on tour only once per listing office.

3. Occupied homes will have priority, but vacant and new homes are allowed if space is available.

4. Two or three properties within three lots of each other will be accepted as one listing for tour purposes.

5. The listing agent or an office representative MUST be present during tour review and at the property.

6. In case of a cancellation at the tour on Wednesday, the next property will be added to the tour.

Tour agenda:

a.  Tour sponsor – five minutes
b.  Introduction of new members
c.  Committee announcements
d.  Houses not on tour
e.  Tour review
f.   Leave on tour by 8:50 a.m. if possible

How to Add a Property to Tour

  • Go to the Add/Change tab
  • Select Change
  • Enter the MLS number of the listing you would like to add, then click Next
  • Click Tour of Homes in the bottom-right quadrant of the page
  • The page will display any Tours already scheduled for your property between the dates listed at the top of the page
  • To add a date, click the Add button at the bottom of the page
  • Enter the date, start and end time, and any comments, then click Next

How to Check/Find a Property is on Tour

  • Go to Daily Functions
  • Select Tour/Open Houses
  • Select Tour of Homes
  • Select the Date or Date Range
  • Hit Next to view the results