Point Washington – Main Area 19

2nd Thursday of each month at 9:00 A.M.


1.   Requirements for house on tour:
a.   Limit of 8 homes per tour, chosen by date/time of entry into computer.
b.   Only one listing per listing agent may be submitted for each tour.
c.   Houses under contract may not be on the tour.
d.   Cut-off for the tour is Noon the Monday before tour.
e.   Homes under construction must be near completion and safe.
2.   Lots are not permitted.
3.   Property will be allowed on tour only once per listing office.
a.   Agent or an office representative must be present during the entire tour.
b.   If a home is withdrawn from the tour, the listing agent may not replace that home with another.  The listing agent must add the new home to the tour if space is available
c.   A waiting list will be maintained; these homes will go on tour in the order in which they were added.
4.   Tour Agenda:
a.   Tour sponsor – Not all tours will be sponsored.  If a sponsor is present there will be a limit of 5 minutes or less.
b.   Tour Review.
c.   Leave on tour as promptly as possible
d.   Tours take about 2 hours, please schedule accordingly

How do I get a home on tour?

1.   Go on MLS http://www.ecarmls.com/
2.   Select Maintenance
3.   Put in MLS # for home you want for tour
4.   Select Tour Date
5.   Enter tour date
6.   Select Update. You’re done

How do I know if my home is on the tour or find out which are?

1.   Log into the MLS http://www.ecarmls.com/
2.   Go to Pro-search
3.   Select Detached Single Family then select Combined Residential
4.   Select Main Areas, enter 19 then click Set
5.   Select Date:Tour, enter the tour date, click Set then Search.

If you just added your home to the tour and there are 8 or less, you’re in. If there are more than 8, you are on the waiting list.