Sandestin MLS Tour – Main Area 15, Subarea 3

Date/Time: TBD

Tour Rules

1. The tour will be limited to Main Area 15, Subarea 3 (inside the gates of Sandestin Resort). An area of focus will be determined each month and announced on the tour website (see tour schedule above).

2. Tours will be limited to 10-14 properties each month depending on location.

3. A property may only be on tour once in a twelve-month period except:
a. When ownership changes, or
b. When both the listing agency and listing agent change and the house has not been on tour in at least six months.

4. Agents may begin adding listings to a tour beginning the 15th of the month. Priority will be given according to the date and time entered.

5. Listings will be limited to two per brokerage, but if there are not enough houses/condos for tour, then the limit may be raised to two per agent.

6. Listings must be entered on Tour before noon on the Tuesday before the tour. Note: if you are unable to enter you house for tour because your computer is down or you cannot get online, fax (267-8504) and call (267-8100) to verify we have received the MLS printout of your listing. You must write on the MLS printout that it is for tour that month.

8. The Sandestin Real Estate representative in charge of the tour that month will call on the Tuesday before the tour after 12:00 p.m. to verify if your listing will be on the tour.

9. The listing agent will be expected to provide all information to tour participants (MLS flyers or other flyers) by making them available at the property at the time of the tour.

10. The listing agent or representative must be present at the MLS tour meeting and participate in the tour in order for the property to be shown. A “no show” on your part constitutes your wish not to have the home toured.

How to Add a Property to Tour

  • Go to the Add/Change tab
  • Select Change
  • Enter the MLS number of the listing you would like to add, Click Next
  • Click Tour of Homes in the bottom right quadrant of the page
  • The page will display any Tours already scheduled for your property between the dates listed at the top of the page.
  • To add a date, Click the Add button at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter the date, Start and End time, and any Comments, Click Next

How to Check/Find a Property is on Tour

  • Go to Daily Functions
  • Select Tour/Open Houses
  • Select Tour of Homes
  • Select the Date or Date Range
  • Hit Next to view the results