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REALTORS® are in a unique position that most professionals in other industries do not encounter.  In order to conduct business, they place themselves in potentially vulnerable situations.  It is our goal as an Association to educate both REALTORS® and clients to the significance of safety protocols and to create a mutual understanding of why certain precautions must be made.  

In 2015, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) released its Member Safety Report which asked members about their safety and experiences.  The report found that, while 96 percent of REALTORS® were not victims of criminal activity, 40 percent found themselves in situations where they feared for their safety.  The process of home buying is scary enough without REALTORS® and clients fearing for their safety.  Safety and trust are vital in fostering healthy and productive relationships with clients, and simple precautions can have a very positive effect on these relationship.  

REALTORS® will continue to share their contact information, meet unknown clients and show vacant properties. With a few considerations, we can all ensure that both REALTORS® and clients are safe.

Every REALTOR® should have a personal safety protocol that they use no matter the situation.  Please consider the following resources for your safety practices and plans: