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ECAR would like to thank the Georgia Association of REALTORS®, Arkansas REALTORS® Association, and the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® for allowing us to use and reference many of the REALTOR® Safety Resources found on this page.

Tips for REALTOR® Safety Brochure - Social Media, Open Houses, Safety Plan

Safety Apps for Smart Phones

Open House Safety Strategy

ECAR Safety Best Practices

REALTOR® Safety Quiz 
Please contact Paula Cook, or (850) 243-6145, for the answer key.

Safety Posters - Printable

ECAR Safety Pledge - Printable
“I pledge to always remember that safety will be my top priority each day and that I am responsible for my own, in part for my client’s, and the general public safety. I will not compromise this for time, money, or any other reasons as my health and safety is priceless. I commit to keeping the Beverly Carter 'Safety Best Practices' in the forefront on my thoughts and practices.”

Prospect Identification Form

Know who you are doing business with! Offices across the nation are now asking for photo identification and information from clients before going to view property. The form is quick and easy to fill out and asks for name, address, employer and automobile information. Not only does this procedure identify the person you are working with, but it also helps qualify a prospect and aids police if something happens to you. This simple form may be the best preventative safety measure that you and your office can take. We have found that customers are very understanding as to why we need this information, and there has been little to no resistance to providing the identification. If a customer does object, then that should raise a red flag.

Agent ID Form

If there was an accident or an agent did not check in when they were scheduled to, then you or the police would need this information quickly. We recommend placing the Agent Identification Forms in a separate folder that anyone can access. The information must be updated at least once a year. You may want to schedule an annual review of the information during Real Estate Safety Week, the first week in October.

Agent Itinerary Form

The Agent Itinerary Form helps you find an agent when there is a problem at home and gives you a place to look when an agent is missing. Many agents print out an additional "show list" and attach the form to it. Your front office people will appreciate having this information if they need to contact an agent.

Agent Itinerary Form - Prospect Identification Form - Agent ID Form

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