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Realtors® Take Over Tallahassee

Jan 15, 2016
On January 12 and 13, ECAR members took part in the annual Great American Realtor® Days (GARD) in Tallahassee.

The yearly event grants Realtors face time with legislators to discuss key issues for property owners throughout the state.  This year ECAR had more than 30 members take to the Capitol, including ECAR President Cathy Alley who remarked "it is important for ECAR to be here to show lawmakers we our politically active and we have a voice.  We speak for a large group of Realtors and homeowners in Northwest Florida that are passionate about the issues."

Conversations with legislators focused on the following topics:

  • Business Rent Tax
  • Estoppel Certificate Fees
  • Affordable Housing
  • Statewide Water Policy

Update January, 15, 2016Florida passes comprehensive water bill

Photo Gallery:

ECAR VP, President Elect and President                LDP Past and Present
Florida Realtors President Matey Veissi                 Florida Realtors President Elect Maria Wells