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Commercial Drone Checklist

Feb 26, 2016
At the Broker Breakfast this week, Offshore Pix gave a presentation on Commercial Drone usage. Every Realtor thinking about using drones for their business needs to know these few points:
Commercial Pilots MUST have:
  • FAA 333 Exemption/Certificate of Authorization Waiver
  • FAA Pilot License
  • FAA Registered Aircraft
  • Insurance - Physical Damage/Personal Injury
Commercial Rules of Engagement:
  • Fly below 200 feet in altitude
  • Visual line of sight / 2 person crew
  • No flights over people or property without owner authorization
  • No flights within 5 miles of an airport
  • No flights within Prohibited, Restricted, or Special Flight Rules Areas

Emerald Coast Airspace

The vast majority of our area is considered a Special Flight Rules Area and is currently not eligible for Commercial Drone usage.  However, new rules will be put in place this Summer to open up usage.  

special flight area

For general questions/concerns or to report unsafe drone operations contact:

Click here to view the entire Offshore Pix Power Point presentation.

Contact information for Offshore Pix can be found on the Power Partners page.