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Establishing a Account

Apr 27, 2016
Housing On-line Military Enterprise System is a public-facing IT system for community rental listings. This system is an OSD approved system and is supported by Enterprise Military Housing (eMH).

What is


Before you do anything, create a password.  It must be at least 15 characters long, upper & lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.  It cannot be a word or name or be sequential (a-b-c-d, 1-2-3-4, etc).  Use a keyboard pattern and/or you can separate words with periods.  P.a.$.$.w.0.r.d. would be an example.  You will need this password a bit later during the process and I’ve found that it really frustrates people if they aren’t prepared ahead of time. 

Type, “” into your search bar, or you can also Google it.  Pick the that says, “accessing a USG information system” (usually the second choice).  You will be directed to a information site.  Do not click on, “REGISTER.”  Go to the end of the paragraph under the large logo and click on the link, website that is at the end of the paragraph.  Click, “Accept” on the page that opens.  This will bring you to the home page. To proceed, go to the bottom right of the home page and click on, “Help.”  This will take you to the Help Center.

Under, “Help Navigation” on the left side of the page, click on, “Property Managers Learn More.”  Print the pages that open.  Next, click on the, “Property Manager – My Page,” and print it also.  These two references will be useful during your account setup.

 Close out of the Help Center and you will be back on the Home Page.

On the Homepage, click on, “Create Account,” which is on the top of the page, directly under the, “Account Email” box.

To begin, make sure you click on the, “Property Manager” tab.  This is the step most people get wrong when creating an account.

You’re now on your way.  

For additional clarification contact:

Dan Schaller

Military Housing Office

123 McMillan Street, HFLD, FL 32544

(850) 884-6085