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Gopher Tortoise Educational Packet

Dec 13, 2016
Information on the laws and regulations pertaining to gopher tortoises in Florida, and how they may affect the sale or purchase of real estate property.

This information packet includes fact sheets and brochures on various gopher tortoise topics, answers to frequently asked questions received by our staff from Florida realtors, and a short questionnaire that we hope you will have time to answer. This information will be useful to Realtors, or anyone else who is trying to buy or sell property in the state of Florida.

The gopher tortoise is a state-listed threatened species, protected under Florida law, for which the main reason of decline is habitat loss. You can serve an important role in gopher tortoise conservation by informing prospective property buyers of situations that may require them to obtain a gopher tortoise relocation permit. Education and outreach is essential to the conservation of gopher tortoises in Florida, and is listed as a conservation action in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Gopher Tortoise Management Plan.