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Business Rent Tax Survey - Commercial Realtors

Feb 21, 2017
Florida Realtors® is mounting a communications campaign during the 2017 legislative session to help spur legislators into reducing the business rent tax that continues to stifle the growth potential of Florida’s businesses and the commercial Realtors who support them.

To make this campaign successful we need your help in locating business owners and commercial Realtors who can speak to the negative effects of the business rent tax. Ideally, these individuals would need to be willing to share their stories publicly through mechanisms such as written and video testimonials, opinion editorials submitted to local newspapers, and commentary provided directly to journalists. Keep in mind that Florida Realtors would handle much of the legwork in creating and distributing these stories so the actual time commitment would be small.

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Thank you for your help on this important issue. Personal stories from their constituents are the key to getting the attention of our lawmakers, and with your help we stand a much better chance of making this campaign successful.