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Update on Destin City Council Short Term Rentals (STR)

Feb 23, 2018
Important information on Destin City Council Short Term Rentals (STR) advocacy.

ECAR Executive Leadership attended the February 20, 2018 Destin City Council Meeting.

The following Short Term Rental (STR) Stakeholder Task Force Recommendations were accepted by the City Council:


  • Recommend that the ordinance is amended to reflect a fine of $100, as opposed to $50, for garbage can violations; and that a courtesy notice is issued for the initial infraction and then fines to be imposed for second and subsequent violations
  • Recommend requiring 1 trash can for the first 3 bedrooms; and then 1 can per 2 bedrooms thereafter


  • Recommend to impose stiffer penalties for non-registration for Short Term Rentals(STR):
    • $100 penalty for failure to register 30-days after issuance of notice to register
    • $500 penalty for failure to register 60-days after issuance of notice to register
    • Lose the ability to register for 12 months for failure to register within 90-days after issuance of notice to register
  • Recommend amending current code section 13-108(4) to require responsible party for STR have phone number listed on the sign; have an address identifying mgmt. office or primary resident within 50-miles of STR, and name and address of responsible party to be provided on registration form
  • Recommend amending ordinance to include:
    • Responsible party is identified during the registration process
    • Responsible party live within 30 miles of the property
    • Responsible party acknowledges their familiarity with the STR ordinance and sign off on it during registration
    • Responsible party acknowledges they have authority to ensure STR ordinances are enforced on behalf of the property and can mitigate any problems on site, up to and including eviction
  • Recommend requiring annual registration sticker be issued by City at time of registration and that sticker is visible in front of house.Registration sticker be color coded and use a different color sticker each year.
  • Recommend allowing seven (7) days after the STR registration to put up required sign, provided no guest can stay in STR until sign is up.