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Important Hurricane Relief Volunteer Info From Florida Realtors Director of Executive Offices Mindy Wilson

Oct 19, 2018

Florida Realtors is issuing a call for action to work within your communities to seek out Realtor® members who are looking for a way to help, and unsure of where to start. Earlier we circulated the link to contribute or request funds from the DRF, or sign up. Now we are hearing there is great need for volunteers for Crisis Cleanup. More info available at

Attached is information and a manual with highlighted information to assist volunteers and our DVP’s in getting involved in crisis cleanup to help those impacted by Hurricane Michael.

In past recovery efforts, Florida Realtors has volunteered and developed a working relationship with Brad Westover of Helping Hands. Brad has issued a call for action for volunteers to help meet the need he is seeing on the crisis cleanup hotline. Brad and lead Trainer Debbie Nall have offered to arrange for a special training for Florida Realtors (approximate run time will be 1 hour). Debbie has a training, for anyone who wishes to attend, on Friday, October 19, at 8:00 p.m. Email Debbie direct at

If you would like to volunteer to help with hurricane Michael recovery efforts from where you are, and when you can, Florida Realtors members can be trained and operate within a virtual call center (VCC). This is a hotline only for cleanup requests. This is about property, not people. If you identify an urgent need or an individual that requires immediate attention, see manual on how to advocate for a survivor.

After a 60-minute training session, and watching the mandatory tutorial, volunteers will be ready to take action. Please see this mandatory training video.

To get volunteers started, we will need a name and email. The volunteers need a phone and computer and a desire to help. The hours they volunteer is totally flexible.

Here are some key points to remember when volunteering on the Crisis Cleanup Hotline:

• For crisis clean up, each volunteer has his/her own password. For the phone system,, it’s a shared password. Page 5 of the hotline training provides the shared password for the phone system. Password is case sensitive.
• By using the shared phone system, your personal or work number will not be visible to callers. There are screenshots throughout the attached manual that show you the step-by-step instructions for using the phone system.
• Example scripts are found on page 11.
• Ensure you have the survivor’s permission to share their information so that reputable organizations can claim the work order to help serve the property.
• We’re advised as of Monday, there were over 2,000 calls that were fielded. Many go directly to voicemail, not an actual person. To return calls, you will need to access a shared google doc and go to the return calls tab.

We are a hands on, highly involved organization. Identifying 10 members in your area to help our fellow Floridians in the Panhandle will cause a multiplier effect.