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Introducing the Public Service Institute

Aug 09, 2019

The Public Service Institute is a program designed by the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors for business-minded leaders who want to discover how to use their experience, skills and talent to advocate for pro-business policies, engage in a political campaign, land an appointment to an influential government board or commission or explore a future run for elected office.
The inaugural class is seeking applicants for a nonpartisan, free training program that will teach local business-minded leaders how-to strategies for engaging in the public policy and political process to promote a robust local economy as the foundation for a vibrant quality of life.

Participants can look forward to:


It’s important for the business community to engage in the political process to promote an economic climate that makes our outstanding quality of life possible.  We’re excited to launch this leadership program and empower members of the business community to use their experience, skills and talent to consider how they can make a difference in public leadership or advocate for pro-business public policy.


The leadership model for this nonpartisan educational and engagement workshop has been successful in other Florida markets. While there is no requirement for engagement, business-minded graduates have gone on to serve in important public leadership roles, such as state legislators, mayors, city council members and presidents, county commissioners, sheriffs, appointees to important government boards and commissions and advocates for pro-business public policies.


The curriculum, taught by an expert, will use a proven active-learning workshop format of simulation and small group exercises to cover topics in public leadership, policy and advocacy and allow class members to design their own strategic action plan for engagement. 

Applications are available now and are due by August 19. The course will be held over two days, September 19-20 at the ECAR training center on the second floor at 6757 Highway 98, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.