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Important 2020 Info from Florida REALTORS

Sep 26, 2019

For over 100 years, Florida Realtors has stood tall to defend the rights of the members we serve and those in pursuit of the American Dream. REALTORS came together to form an organization for the greater good. As your 2020 President, I'm proud to report that the Realtor Nation is: Better, Faster, Stronger than ever before.

Our goals are designed to give Florida Realtors members an advantage in our industry. Leading the way with Professionalism, our members have asked for a stronger emphasis on the Code of Ethics and we'll continue to demonstrate a superior Commitment to Excellence. Florida Realtors will forge strategic partnerships with industry professionals and will focus on Florida's unique position to bring folks in and face-to-face with our members in the field. 

Advocacy efforts will defend against those who wish to do harm or destabilize our flourishing economy. Technology will be honed to the members' needs and will deliver the help you need, when you need it. To accomplish these strategic initiatives, we want to enlist your help.

Your committee appointments will officially take effect on Jan. 1, 2020. To view your personalized committee contact information and 2020 appointments, please click here. With this process, a few clicks will make a big difference.

Once you click on the above link, you will be asked to complete your Leadership Reference Guide (LRG) profile information. After confirming your information is correct, you will click to review your 2020 committee appointments. The final step is to formally accept your 2020 appointments and be part of our member-driven association. Note that the LRG contact information will be printed in the 2020 Leadership Reference Guide and be made available to all Directors at the 2020 Mid-Winter Business Meetings in Orlando.

Final appointments for the following groups will be made later in the year:

  • Board of Directors - finalized in the fall
  • Board Leadership Forum - local associations elect/appoint officers in the fall
  • Florida NAR Directors Committee - local associations elect/appoint officers in the fall
  • Key Contacts - additional Key Contacts will be appointed after the November general election

Many committees are formed to address trending issues and/or set in motion the long-range policy of the association. To name a few: Building Committee, Investment & Treasury Management, Legal Action Fund, Public Advocacy Advisory Group and Issues Mobilization Committee. These types of committees will meet upon request, so meeting times will not be listed.

Should you have any questions or concerns, our Florida Realtors Management Team is standing by to assist. Please email or call Heidi Watzak at 407-587-1426.

FYI: Here are 2020 state and national meeting dates:

  • Florida Realtors Mid-Winter Meetings: January 22-25
  • NAR Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo: May 11-16
  • Florida Realtors Convention: August 26-27
  • Florida Realtors Governance Meetings: August 28-30
  • Realtors Conference & Expo: November 11-16

Our shared 2020 vision is laser focused on professional growth and development, inbound global investment and strategic partnerships, and advocacy for our members and those they serve. Thank you in advance for your time commitment and dedication to this association.


Barry Grooms

Florida Realtors 2020 President