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PLEASE READ: Important COVID-19 Update

Mar 17, 2020

A Note from the ECAR President

ECAR members, 

As we all know, the outbreak of COVID-19 has meant the cancellation or postponement of many events. At the Emerald Coast Association of REALTORS®, we want to be part of the solution, not the problem, in the spread of the virus.

Therefore, we will be conducting essential meetings electronically until March 31, 2020.

Keith Dean, our CEO, and I have discussed our options at length and what ECAR will be doing for the next couple of weeks. His report follows. While I know this is a trying and uncertain time, know that we will get through this.

Kitty Taylor
ECAR 2020 President

Meetings and Social Events

All committee, social and other in-person meetings are canceled through March 31, however, you will receive an email directly from the committee chair if your committee meeting will be held via conference call. 

Office Hours and Member Services

We have several staff members who are caretakers for elderly parents, infants, etc. Therefore, all three ECAR offices will be closed through March 31. In the meantime, we will initiate our established disaster plan that provides continuity in all MLS services and membership services, which will be provided remotely. You will only need to call the office as usual and staff will be available to assist you remotely as if we were experiencing a hurricane or other natural disaster. If you need additional Supra boxes, you may contact Chris Peavy at to schedule an appointment at whichever office is most convenient for you. 

Education Classes

Effective today, all ECAR education classes have been canceled through March 31 by the instructor, FR or NAR. The Florida Governor’s Office released a statement that all license renewal dates will be extended 30 days, and we anticipate a further extension. We will communicate this with you as soon as the new date is available. We will continue to provide MLS classes virtually.

Find Classes Here:

Online CE Resources
Post License-Credit
Florida DBPR

MLS Tours

Effective today, MLS tours have been canceled through March 31. However, we do recommend you continue to show houses to individuals and families, but feel the number of attendees in a tour is too many in the current environment. We are continuing to monitor this situation and will keep you up to date during the days ahead.