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Urgent Request: Help Us Assist Fire Victims

May 07, 2020

Hundreds of homes were lost last night by so many in our community, including losses by some of our very own members.

As a result, we are initiating a three-part emergency assistance plan and are requesting for all members to help.

1. If you are an ECAR member who lost or has been displaced from your home, we want to provide you with $1,000 of immediate financial assistance for lodging, toiletries, clothing and other necessities. Please call CEO Keith Dean 850-980-3745 to receive this immediate assistance today.

2. ECAR has also partnered with Good News Methodist Church ( located at 4747 US HWY 98) as a centralized drop-off point for necessities if you’d have items you’d like to donate.

3. Following the Governor’s Executive Order for short-term rentals, we have many empty houses in our community. If you have or are aware of a vacant property that you would be willing to make available to any home-fire victim, please post the details of the property (number of rooms, kitchen, availability, etc.) and your direct contact information on this post.

Once the property is filled, please update your post that it’s no longer available. Once we have the available properties listed here, anyone can direct those in need to #ECARCares to utilize this network of resources. Please also contact Keith for questions on this phase of assistance. Let’s put these empty short-term rentals to good use for our community! Thank you for your support of this important member initiative.