Buyer Broker Agreement

Buyer Broker Agreement

Instructor: Caroline Boland | CE Hours: 3

Understanding Buyer Broker Agreements and How to Implement Them.

The internet helps buyers gain tons of information and we as licensees have to prove our worth and value even more today. Why should a buyer pick one agent to work with and be loyal? Is there a way a buyer can do that? We ask sellers to commit to one brokerage with an agreement so why don’t we ask buyers for the same commitment? Let’s find out how.
After taking this class students will be able to:
·Explain the importance of working exclusively with a buyer
·Determine which agreement is appropriate when
·Understand how written agreements protect both the customer and the brokerage
·Recognize what an exclusive representation means when working with a buyer
·Comprehend what types of agency relationships are authorized with an exclusive buyer-broker agreement
·Clarify to a buyer the importance of the agreement and how to present it
·Appreciate the arbitration hearing process and how clear written agreements between the buyer and seller can reduce the confusion of procuring cause.

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