Conflict Resolution for Realtors

Conflict Resolution for Realtors

Instructor: Neil Bridgers | CE Hours: 3

Whether they are called disagreements, skirmishes, arguments, or full-blown
battles, conflicts can wreak havoc in a professional setting.
Oftentimes conflicts that go unaddressed can eventually manifest into more severe
breakdowns in communication, especially when multiple parties are
concerned. This course will equip Realtors® with the ability to smooth things
out and keep the peace. Whether the issue is as slight as a mere
miscommunication, or as serious as a rigorous conflict in opinion, participants
will learn how to come to an equally acceptable resolution, better commune
with their clients and co-workers, and apply their newly honed skills to the
people-centered world of real estate.

After taking this class students will be able to:
• Navigate the steps of first understanding the conflict and recognizing the actual problem.
• Solving the predicament
• Finally putting everything together as it applies to real estate.

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