Real Estate Specialties GRI 301

Real Estate Specialties GRI 301

with Brian Woods

GRI Module 301: It’s More Than Just Sales
8 hours Continuing Education Credit FREC Course # 0014248 or 15 hours Broker Post Licensing Credit • FREC Course # 0014247 

While the homeownership rate in the United States is the highest in its history, there are still millions of residential tenants residing in property owned and managed by others. 

In GRI 301, Property Management and Common Ownership is an introduction to property management and the forms of common ownership. Appraising will introduce the function of the appraisal, the steps in the appraisal process, and appraisal principles. 

Although 1031 Exchanges are available for other investments, Exchanging focuses on real estate exchanges, providing the terminology and principles of exchanging. 

Real Estate Specialties GRI 301 is a 15-hour course with a 1.5-hour exam approved for 8 hours of CE Specialty Credit OR 15 hours of Broker Post-Licensing Credit per module. 

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