Residential Construction from the Inside Out

Residential Construction from the Inside Out

Linda Olson

This class carries CE credit for Real Estate and for Appraisers4 hours CE Credit • FREC Course # 0007612
4 hours Appraiser CE Credit • FREAB Course # 7027

Get ready to build a foundation on Residential Construction! This course
introduces Residential Construction and compares the building techniques
and requirements prior to Hurricane Andrew and after the new codes were
adopted. It also presents new construction as a fantastic market for Realtors®
looking for something fresh and exciting. Participants will leave the course
with a working knowledge of “energy efficiency” and “in-door-air-quality” in
residential construction. They will also learn how today’s home buyers are
more aware of the cost savings, as well as the health aspect associated with
these two issues. Designed for real estate professionals who wish to expand
their knowledge of the construction process used in both new and existing
residential single-family homes, this course is both informative and a great
start to expanding business!
Objectives: After taking this class students will be able to:
• Name the two formats for building codes and describe the nature of each one.
• Explain how building codes are organized.
• Describe the purpose of the State-Wide Florida Building Code.
• Explain the function of a topographical survey.
• Describe the effects of Wind Zones on residential construction.
• Name the major structural components of a single-family house.
• Name the three most common foundations used in Florida.
• Describe the function of insulation and how it is rated.
• Identify the major components of the Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical systems.

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