Tenants Toilets and Tornadoes

Tenants Toilets and Tornadoes

Instructor: Tiffany Spence | CE Hours: 3

As property managers, you have to wear a lot of hats! You are expected to
maintain and protect the landlord’s real estate asset, while dealing with some
tenants that want everything done now and at their convenience.
Take this course and learn how maintenance can be your opportunity to shine.
Set yourself apart as a true professional, making the landlord and tenant happy,
all without breaking the landlords bank, but most importantly without breaking the
Objectives: After taking this class students will be able to:

Articulate the responsibilities of the agent working on behalf of the owner

Understand Chapter 83.51 Landlord Obligations and 83.56 Material non-compliance in maintaining the home

Understand 83.52 Tenant obligations and 83.56 Tenant non-compliance

Understand 83.53 Landlord access

Understand 61J2, escrow laws and owner reserves

Understand EPA guidelines when renovating properties built prior to 1978

Find and select qualified contractors while abiding by Chapter 489.103 subsection 17a&b

List the key systems that need to be maintained on a property

Outline the best practices for communication with owners, tenants, and vendors

Describe the importance of inspections – why, how often, and by whom

Examine real-life examples and discuss how to handle them

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