Announcing the RPAC Love Your Pet Parade Winner!

Feb 24, 2023 | Advocacy, All News, ECAR News

To celebrate #LoveYourPetDay we’re excited to announce the #WINNER of our 2023 #LoveYourPet Parade! 🐾💗🐾 It’s been a tight race but in the end LILLIE pushed ahead for the lead! 🥳👏

🏆CONGRATULATIONS LILLIE: The winner of our 2023 Love Your Pet Parade! 🏆
We also would like to recognize the other pets that made this such a fun event:
🥇🎖Fergie & Max: 1st Runner Up
🥈🏅Rizzi: 2nd Runner Up
🥉🎖Clemson: 3rd Runner Up

⭐️⭐Thanks for participating and sharing your pets in the 2023 Love Your Pet Parade!🫶

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