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An extensive resource of vendors and contractors for REALTORS on the Emerald Coast

Become an Affiliate

ECAR Affiliates have the opportunity to market-to and build relationships with over 5,000 REALTORS across the Emerald Coast. From Networking Events to Educational Courses, ECAR offers Affiliates exclusive visibility at the areas top real estate events.

What’s included in Membership?

  • Searchable Affiliate Listing

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Our Events & More Opportunities

  • Supra Access

  • Committee Participation

  • Facility Usage

  • MLS Tour Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Affiliate EXPO & Appreciation 

Upcoming Sponsorship Opportunities

Want more information about sponsoring one of the events below? Reach out to our Affiliates Director here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to fill out a new application if I am already an ECAR Affiliate?

No, you only need to fill the new application out if you are making any changes to your account.

Am I able to join a committee?

Yes, there is a list of committees on the new application that Affiliates are able to join. You will need to attend the committee meeting as a guest and request to be on the committee. Note that you are not guaranteed a seat on the committee.

Do I have to make all of my selections for sponsorships now?

No, you are able to still sponsor throughout the year. Keep an eye out for sponsorship opportunity emails.

What is an Affiliate Program class?

As an ECAR Affiliate you do have the opportunity to teach a class on the subject of your choice. Stipulations may apply and available dates will be given upon request.

Can someone from my office sponsor something that is not added as an Additional Affiliate?

No, anyone that wishes to sponsor will need to join as an Additional Affiliate.

Is there a limit on how many Additional Affiliates I am able to have on my account?

No there is no limit; however there will be $100 charge per added member.

How do I know what food to order and for how many for class sponsorship?

If you are sponsoring a class that is in need of food, then you will need to order food from our preferred vendor list. Registration numbers will be given for classes on the Friday before the class date.

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