Commercial Core Law

Commercial Core Law

Instructor: David Collins | CE Hours: 3

The Florida Legislature passes and amends real estate laws and rules each year. Many of these changes can be daunting and overwhelming.
Commercial Core Law will assist Realtors® by focusing on changes to state and federal real estate license law, highlighting both laws and rules.
The course will give a brief overview of commercial transactions vs. residential; discuss commercial real estate agreements; and discuss legal issues unique to commercial transactions.

Objectives: After taking this class students will be able to:

Recognize and distinguish between a commercial transaction and a residential transaction.

Understand the basic premises of the license law which licenses the brokerage of commercial real estate.

Understand the contents of a commercial listing agreement for either a lease or purchase.

Understand the purpose of a Letter of Intent & Confidentiality Agreements.

Understand the contents of an industry purchase contract for either a lease or purchase.

Understand why there is not an industry commercial lease form.

Understand and apply compensation contract concerns in daily practice.

Understand the disclosure requirements in a commercial transaction and to appreciate and apply general concerns in a commercial real estate transaction that do not occur in residential transactions: ADA concerns, commercial tax concerns, long term agreements, assignments, the role of an attorney in a commercial transaction and the varied tools utilized by commercial practitioners, income/ expense reports, rent tolls and sub leases

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