Florida Realtors: Buyer Representation Forms Coming Mid-June

Jun 4, 2024

From Florida Realtors: https://www.floridarealtors.org/news-media/news-articles/2024/05/buyer-representation-forms-coming-mid-june

Florida Realtors said its updated forms reflecting practice changes from the NAR national settlement will be released in mid-June rather than May 31.  

ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida Realtors announced it postponed its release of updated forms designed to help Realtors in daily transactions. This comes after the National Association of Realtors® extended its deadline for practice changes following the recent settlement.

The new Florida Realtors forms, originally slated for May 31, will now be available in mid-June. NAR delayed the implementation deadline for practice changes required under the settlement from July to August 17.

In an email to members, Florida Realtors said:

“The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently announced important information regarding the practice changes required for NAR members under the settlement agreement aimed to end litigation of claims brought on behalf of home sellers related to broker commissions.

In anticipation of the original timeline released by NAR, Florida Realtors’ legal team has been working hard to develop the products and tools needed to assist members in their daily transactions. With the extended implementation date came new information from NAR that is essential for finalizing the new forms.”

Florida Realtors said its legal team is working to provide members with comprehensive forms that reflect the current best practices in the real estate industry.

“We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding during this process. At Florida Realtors, we take pride in not just providing any forms, but in delivering forms that are well-reasoned and thoroughly vetted. We are eagerly looking forward to providing you with forms that meet this high standard in mid-June.”

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