Florida Realtors: Timing of the Release of New/Updated Forms

Jun 18, 2024

Forms are set to be released as follows. Please note this is subject to leadership approval, etc.

MID-JUNE: (new forms)
Broker to Broker Compensation Agreement
Seller to Buyer’s Broker Compensation Agreement
Modification to Compensation Agreement (the two listed above)

July, date TBD (subject to FR/BAR Committee approval)
Governor signed off on new Condo law June, 14, 2024
Update FR/BAR Condo Rider
Update CRSP Condo Rider

Prior to August 17, exact dates TBD:
Amended Buyer Broker Agreement
Amended Showing Agreement
Amended Listing Agreements
Modification to Listing Agreements
Modification to Buyer Broker Agreement
Settlement Terms Disclosure form for existing brokerage services agreements that need to be updated to comply with the settlement (NOTE – this form will be designed as a disclosure for members who do not need to amend their services agreement with customers/clients)

Commercial Forms
Vacant Land Forms
All other forms and contracts referencing offers of compensation and placing listings in the MLS

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