Statement on ECAR MLS

Mar 25, 2024

The NAR Settlement has NOT been accepted by the Judge in the case, so it is not final. As a result, no MLS rules have been updated and no requirements have been issued by NAR. Florida Realtors, in conjunction with the Florida Legal team, continues to work on updates to the listing and buyer broker agreement forms and providing new forms in response to the NAR proposed settlement.  Some of these forms updated recently indicate that you should contact your MLS. Florida Realtors has since clarified that those forms released on March 19th with the updated language were not related to the settlementThat language was added to addressed whether a particular MLS allowed for zero compensation only.

At this time, all of ECAR MLS participants have the right to make any offer of compensation in the system – to include an offer of 0% compensation.  Once the NAR settlement has been legally accepted, and the official rules have been released,  we will update you in real time.  Currently, we must follow our existing rules and guidelines.  We ask that to avoid confusion on compensation offerings that you refrain from adding comments in the MLS fields on this subject.  If they are added, we will ask that they be removed until the final settlement has been confirmed.  When the final rules have been enacted, we will all know the procedures and requirements and they will be announced.

We appreciate your patience and attention to this matter. Please keep an eye out for our updated communications.

We recommend checking the NAR site for the most up to date information, reviewing the eblasts from Florida Realtors, and consider attending one of the many scheduled upcoming classes with ECAR and Florida Realtors to learn more about these issues. Links to all this information can be found on our website at:

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