GRI 201: It’s All About You! Graduate Realtor Institute Module 201

GRI 201: It’s All About You! Graduate Realtor Institute Module 201

Essential Real Estate Techniques 201 is a 15-hour course with a 1.5-hour exam approved for 8 hours of CE Specialty Credit OR 15 hours of Broker Post-Licensing Credit per module. 

201- Taxes and Real Estate…
• Illustrate how marginal tax brackets are used;
• Calculate how real estate-related deductions affect taxes;
• Classify moving expenses as deductible or non-deductible;
• Calculate how IRC Section 121 exclusions affect taxes;
• Calculate capital gain on the sale of personal residence;
• Relate the impact of Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) requirements;
• Illustrate income tax ramifications of financing the purchase of a residential property;
• Classify debt as secured or non-secured.

201- Personal Promotion…
• Develop a USP, elevator speech, and brand for use in personal promotion;
• Apply the Do Not Call rules to marketing efforts;
• Utilize promotional materials and communication channels that are consistent with a personal brand, the target market, and an overall promotional plan;
• Determine a target market for personal promotional efforts;
• Use individualized marketing components as basis for the development of an overall personal promotional plan;
• Apply the NAR Code of Ethics to marketing efforts.

201- Sales and Marketing…
• Seek and provide the information necessary to best serve the customer;
• Apply the elements of a marketing plan to sell a property;
• Prepare a pre-listing and listing presentation;
• Demonstrate communication models that gain appointments, listings, and answer listing objections;
• Manage the complete listing process;
• Demonstrate an understanding of the issues relating to pricing a property;
• Use proven, successful approaches with “FSBO” and expired listings.

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