Time Management

Time Management

Instructor: Dana Topel | CE Hours: 3

Better time management is one of the keys to help you meet both your own goals,
and the goals of your company. Take this course and learn ways to impart the
skills you need in order to practice effective time management.
Learn how to make more effective use of your time, so that you can achieve your
personal and career goals.
Objectives: After taking this class students will be able to:

Incorporate goal related activities into your daily schedule

Identify time stealers and their impact on your customers

Identify time savers and incorporate them into your schedule

Use principles of time management when working with customers

Learn the three categories of time and how each will affect your business

Develop a weekly activities plan sorted by Income, Support or Personal goals

What are the seven criteria for good time management

Break down time consuming tasks into smaller tasks that are easier to accomplish

Handling last minute schedule changes

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